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Translations and legalization services of high uncompromising quality in Varna

Sigma Translations Agency provides translation, interpreting and document legalization services within Bulgaria and abroad and has been doing so since 1999.

We guarantee our clients:

In the course of our longstanding practice, we have become an established and a leading agency for translation and legalization services in Varna. We provide both interpreting and translation services depending on your needs. You can find a detailed list of all the working languages on our website. Whether a business or a member of the public, you can rely on our experience, knowledge and professionalism. We have become long-term partners with our corporate clients who trust us with the services to translate technical and specialized information, manuals, advertising materials and etc.

Being one of the first translation agencies in Varna that offer professional translation and legalization services we strive to be as useful as possible to our clients. Therefore, we are constantly enhancing our portfolio of services. We believe this is exactly what forms the basis of our successful work with our clients within the country and abroad.

We legalize documents that prove your civil status, education and etc. or are needed to be presented in court.


People often need to translate:

• Municipal documents (certificates, deeds, bills, warrants);
• Educational level documents (diplomas, academic records, certificates, recommendations);


For Your company we provide translations of documentation requiring special skills such as in the field of technology, technical solutions (energy, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, hoisting equipment, electronics, IT, and many other fields of technology).

Corporate Clients

As far as translations requiring special skills are work relying on excellent knowledge of the linguistic features of both source and target languages, be it foreign or Bulgarian, and specific terminology, we outsource translators - specialists in the specific field.


We carry out legalization of:

• Civil status documents ;
• Educational level documents ;
• Court documents;
• and many other.


You can follow all the news related to Sigma Translations activities and in translation and legalization matters..


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Translations in Varna made by the leaders in the field

Sigma Translations - a leader in translation services - offers translations spanning over 31 work languages. These include both the languages ​​more frequently used and having the strongest vocation for international communication and the languages ​​less frequently used. Whether you need interpretation or written translation specialized in certain topics or documentation, including medical documents, we are here to help you. You can find all the work languages to and from which we translate and the relevant prices on our website. Apart from the most commonly used languages for translation, such as English, German, Russian, French and Spanish, we can offer you less common target languages, such as Albanian, Chinese, Georgian, Lithuanian, Japanese, Armenian and more.

Although we offer translation services in Varna, you can contact us from anywhere in the world and send us an e-mail with the text or document you want to translate. After the translation assignment is complete, we will send the document as per your instructions. You can also entrust us with a rush translation when time is pressing you. Even with extremely tight deadlines, we guarantee you the same uncompromising quality and strict observance of deadlines.

Put your trust in the experience and professionalism of Sigma Translations - the leading translation agency not only in Varna but throughout Bulgaria.

Translation Agency - Sigma Translations

Sigma Translations, the Varna-based Translation Agency, has over 20 years of established traditions and experience in translating and interpreting from Bulgarian into 31 foreign languages and vice versa. Ever since our formation, we have been working with certified translators only, who have been authorized by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That is why we offer our clients specialized translations of documents in various specific areas of life, such as science, technology, medicine, law and more.

You can also rely on our legalized translations when you need a document in Bulgarian to be translated into one of the dozens foreign languages ​​we work with. Our over two decades experience in legalization includes various civil status documents, including certificates, deeds and other legalized translations; documents related to educational levels attained, including diplomas, academic transcripts, certificates, etc.; legal documents such as court decisions, powers of attorney, title deeds and other certificates.

The price for such documents is formed on the basis of the price for translation quoted by the translation agency plus the relevant state fee for certification, apostille and courier services. We recommend that our clients contact our team first for a free advice on the collection of the necessary documents for legalization, regardless of whether Bulgarian or foreign authorities are involved. Please find more information about the prices of Sigma Translations in Varna on our website.

Legalization of documents issued by a foreign country

Sigma Translations is a translation agency operating in Varna. Nevertheless, we work with clients from all over Bulgaria and abroad. We have a long and diversified experience in translating and legalizing documents issued by foreign countries./span>

Legalized translation of documents is necessary in the following cases:
  • When documents issued by a foreign state to Bulgarian or foreign citizen must be presented to Bulgarian authorities;/span>
  • When documents are issued by a country that is a party to the Hague Convention, the relevant Ministry of Foreign Affairs of such country must validate the documents by attaching an Apostille;
  • When the document is issued by a country that is a party to an effective bilateral Legal Aid Treaty between the Republic of Bulgaria and said country, the legalized translations of documents issued by such country shall be made in accordance with said Treaty;

There are also documents that do not fall into any of the above-listed categories, e.g. where there is no effective Legal Aid Treaty signed between the issuing country and Bulgaria, and also where the foreign issuing country is not a party to the Hague Convention.

There is an increased demand for translation of medical documents in recent years. Our company offers well-trained and experienced translators in this specialized sector and guarantees the accuracy and quality of translation.

If you have any questions or need an advice about translation and legalization of documents in Varna, please feel free to contact us at Sigma Translations. We operate throughout Bulgaria and abroad.


For questions and inquiries do not hesitate to contact us at:

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