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Life in the present global world with its fast transport connections and reliable communications allows for easier people mobility for employment, study or vacations outside Bulgaria.  It also requires reliance on private papers and documents in countries other than the issuing one and thus the need for official translations.

People often need to translate:

• Municipal documents (certificates, deeds, bills, warrants);
• Educational level documents (diplomas, academic records, certificates, recommendations);
• Court documents (criminal records, court decisions and judgments, notary deeds, power of attorney);
• Sales contracts for vehicles, motor vehicles registration slips, customs declarations;
• Employment papers (transcripts, certificates, service testimonials);
• Medical documents (certificates, references, epicrises);
• Bank documents (bank references, etc.)
• Documents issued by the Ministry of the Interior, prosecutor office and police investigation (certificates, driving licenses, reports, permits);
• Ecclesiastical documents (church baptism certificates, church wedding certificates).

All of these can be translated into the language needed to serve in any reference country.

We accept translation orders both on-site in our office and via email.
In order to guarantee our customers satisfaction, we operate in strict compliance with the following steps when processing each order:
• specify the translation target language;
• specify the translation handover deadline;
• specify the spelling of personal names in the document, if any.

You can collect Your translation as follow:

• printed hard copy in our office;
• by email;
• on digital media;
• by courier;
• by return mail to an indicated address;
the handover time is determined upon order acceptance.


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