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Translations requiring special skills

For Your company we provide translations of documentation requiring special skills such as in the field of technology, technical solutions (energy, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, hoisting equipment, electronics, IT, and many other fields of technology), medicine, pharmacy and medical equipment, legal, and financial documentation.

Our approach is to apply special skills in translating our customer documentation. Thus we endeavor to know the industry, get into its specific terminology and vocabulary in order to offer suitable translation for the target audience - for professionals in the same field, or non-specialist users.

We are constantly improving the service we provide.

We believe in long-term customer relationships. That is why we send the translations where You want, in the format You want.

As far as translations requiring special skills are work relying on excellent knowledge of the linguistic features of both source and target languages, be it foreign or Bulgarian, and specific terminology, we outsource translators - specialists in the specific field.

Along with the translation, we also provide documentation layout in a ready-to-publish format.

We are proud of our extensive experience in the translation and layout of guides and manuals for operation and maintenance of various consumer equipment into multiple languages in a multi-language brochure, arranged, checked, and ready for printing or e-publication.

We have extensive experience in the preparation of tender documentation from Bulgarian into foreign languages and vice versa.

Whether You need translation of advertising brochures for Your products, or their operating and maintenance manuals, or financial and technical documentation for auctions, or a court decision, complaint or other legal document - we are ready to respond to Your requirements.

You can contact us with inquiries about the price and handover terms on the phones or email listed below.


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