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Translation of medical documents by Sigma Translations

The translation of medical documents is the biggest challenge and actually required not only the needed expertise of the translator but also serious experience. In this event even the smallest deviation from the original text could result in serious consequences.

The translation of medical documents should be made in conformity with the following conditions:

  • The original content must be translated with absolute accuracy;
  • It should be realized fast because usually the presentation of medical documents is required in short, and sometimes even urgent terms;
  • Preservation of the medical terminology and not its replacement with approximate translation.

The translation company, which you will trust for the provision of this service, should be with proven experience in similar specialized translations, have highly qualified translators and be able to respond fast.

Our translation agency in Varna has over two decades of experience in highly specialized translations of medical documents and works with customers from all over the country and from abroad. We are at your disposal also in events of need of urgent translation services from Bulgarian into over 30 foreign languages and vice versa. You can rely on us for specialized translations from and into languages more seldom offered by the translation agencies as well.

Translation of epicrises by an experienced translator

It is namely the translation and legalization of an epicrisis which is the most frequently sought service by our customers when the matter is about a medical translation. The number of such a type of translations has grown up more and more in the last few years due to the possibility to travel easily and to obtain health services abroad as well.

Sigma Translations has experience of many years in specialized medical and pharmaceutical translations. Further to the provision of services in the field of translation and legalization of epicrises and other medical documents of natural persons, we are a preferred partner for translations in this highly specialized sphere also for scientific publications for organizations with activities in the same area as well.

This is why we can guarantee professional translation of high quality, flawless correctness and accuracy in the execution and the observation of the terms. Further to translation of epicrises into the English language, we will also cooperate with you with language services from and into a number of other foreign languages.

The seat of the Agency is in the city of Varna, but we work with customers from all over the country and from abroad. We use all the modern communication solutions to respond expeditiously at the acceptance and the processing of translation orders.

If you are interested in translation of an epicrisis and the price for the service, you may see our price list on our site. If you have additional questions, our team is at your disposal with gratuitous consultations and cooperation for the preparation of the documents needed.

We have introduced all the best practices for the protection of your personal data at the translation and the legalization of epicrises and other medical documents.

Translation of medical certificates and references

The translation of medical documents frequently means a full set of specialized documentation reflecting the conducted tests and treatment. This includes an epicrisis, prescriptions, a set of documents from examinations and consultations, sick leaves, referrals, scientific publications, pharmaceutical investigations, information leaflets, documentation for medical equipment, specialized software and so on.

Translation of medical certificates is amongst the most sought services by the natural persons. This document is widely required in practice, for instance, at commencement of work, certification of health status etc. This is why, as well as at the translation of medical references, fast translation is usually required, which should simultaneously observe the medical terminology and fully correspond to the original.

You can trust the experience and the proven quality for translations of medical documents of Sigma Translations. We have a team of experienced and well trained translators in specialized translations, which is at your disposal for provision of language services from Varna, the country and abroad. We work with natural and legal persons and a lot of them choose us for long-term partnership. We also offer legalization of documents and we can supply them to you through a courier.

Translations of medical documents and prices

Specialized translations of medical documents and their prices are described on the site of Sigma Translations. You can rely on us also for languages more seldom used in international practice – a total of and over 30 foreign languages.

As a translation agency with over 20-year experience in the sector of the language and the legalization services, we can guarantee a highly qualified team of translators, high quality and attitude to our customers and partners. Regardless of that we have proven our quality in practice since our incorporation in 1999 up to date. The seat of the Company is in the city of Varna, but we also render our services on the territory of the entire country and abroad.

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