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Translation of a Website into over 30 Languages

To present yourself or your organization to the world, it is very important to have an active online presence and, naturally – a quality translation of your website. Sigma Translations guarantees you professional translation services from and to over 30 languages. The best guarantee for this is our experience in the field – more than two decades, and the qualified team that we work with. The translation of a website includes:

  • Precision when conveying the terminology that is specific for your area of activities into a foreign language;
  • Localization, so that the ready text to be concrete and adapted for the corresponding geographic, demographic, etc. location;
  • Our translation agency preforms language services in highly specialized spheres such as science, technology, medicine and others.

Translation of a Corporate Site by experienced translators

Sigma Translations is a translation agency that has more than two decades of experience in foreign language services in all kinds of fields and topics – documents, technology, court practice, specific industrial fields. We have had long years of cooperation with the corporate sector in the country and abroad and have completed numerous services for translation of a corporate site, advertising and informational materials, technical manuals, etc.

Our qualified translators have a rich practice in the highly specialized spheres as well. This is why we guarantee you high quality and short time frames for the translation of a site in the fields of law, medicine, finance, technology and others.

Our language services are from and to the following languages: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Romanian (and Moldovan), Greek, Ukrainian, Serbian, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Albanian, Arabic, Japanese, Armenian, Georgian, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Danish, Swedish, Chinese, Hebrew, Hungarian. To receive a precise offer for translation of a site, you can send a request through our electronic form specifying the volume, the foreign language and the time frame for work. Prices are calculated based on the number of characters.

The office of our agency is in Varna, but we work with clients from the whole world. We will be happy to help you present in the best way your business outside the borders of our country as well.

Translation of an Online Shop so You Can Expand Your Market

Online trade takes an ever-bigger place on the market of goods and services on a global scale. This is why almost all merchants also have an online shop. Sigma Translations offers you its long years of practice and qualified translators so you can present your merchandise to the whole world in the best way though a high-quality translation of an online shop. Our offer:

  • Language services from and to over 30 languages, including those more rarely used in international communication;
  • Fast and express services;
  • Accurate translation of your site together with your online shop so that your customers know who you are;
  • Experience in a wide range of areas, including highly specialized spheres, and knowledge of the terminology.

The translation of a site and of an online shop should correspond, i.e. uniform use of the translated terms, product descriptions, localization, etc. should be followed. Otherwise, there will be discrepancies between the two channels of web content that you use to communicate and present yourself to your clients, which surely would not be in your favor.

You can contact our team for an offer before you send us your sites for translation. The prices are formed on the basis of the length of the text, the time frames and the language.

We are located in Varna, but through the online channels we perform orders from clients from the whole world.

Translation of a Site - Price from Sigma Translations

Sigma Translations is a specialized agency for language services from and to over 30 languages whose office in Varna works with clients from the whole world. In our more than 20 years of practice, we have established ourselves with our qualified translators in a huge variety of subject areas. We are one of the most sought-after partners for precision translation of a site for a price among the best on the market.

We can help you present your activities on a global scale in highly specialized spheres such as science, medicine and pharmacology, technology, finance and banking and others. We work with proven and experienced translators. The translation of a site and its price in this case will again be formed on the basis of the language chosen by you, the length of the text and the time frames for work, and not on its complexity and the presence of terminology in it.

We guarantee also the localization of the translation of the website regarding the spelling so that it is fully adapted for the concrete language and region. In practice, this means that the language characteristics specific for the location will be observed.

You can send your site for translation from English to Bulgarian and vice versa, as well as from and to more than 30 languages. Some of the languages we work with are truly rarely met in the practice of translation agencies.

If you wish to receive a precise offer for your site for translation and our prices, you can send us information about the number of characters, the chosen language/languages and the time frame for work.

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