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Translation of a birth certificate in Varna

If you have chosen to study or work in a foreign country, or to spend an extended period of time abroad, you will surely need services for translation and legalization of a birth certificate. This is one of the main documents that verifies your civil status. Besides it, you will probably need other civil status documents as well that you will have to present to the authorities of the corresponding foreign country.

Generally, the translation and legalization of a birth certificate service is required to be performed in very short time. Obviously, the quality of the translation must be uncompromising as these are important documents. Besides, the translation and legalization services should be performed only by companies that conform to a number of requirements.

Sigma Translations has been providing translation and legalization services for more than 20 years. With our experience we guarantee quality and timely translation of birth certificates and any other types of personal and organizational documents.

We work with sworn translators and offer linguistic services from and to more than 30 languages and in almost all specialized fields of administrative and legal documentation, science, technology, etc. We also perform express services for translation of birth certificates and their legalization.

During our decades-long practice, we have gained the trust not only of the clients in Varna, but also of the customers in the country and abroad. You can email us a request for translation of a birth certificate regardless of your current location.

When to place an Apostille on a birth certificate?

The placing of an Apostille on a birth certificate is legalizing of the document on the part of the country that has issued it. Thus, no other additional legalization procedures are required for the foreign countries where the document has to be used. The placing of an Apostille on a birth certificate as legalization is valid for the countries that have ratified the so-called Hague Convention. Bulgaria also is a party to this international treaty. Regarding the question where is an Apostille to be placed, consideration should be given to a number of other possibilities arising from the presence of corresponding regulations on the territory of the European Union and the concluded and active bilateral agreements for legal assistance between Bulgaria and other countries.

The translation of a birth certificate should be performed by qualified and experienced translators, because this is one of the most important personal documents. In order no problems to occur with the verifying of your civil status before the foreign country, the translation of the birth certificate must be very precise and accurate, and no approximate interpretation should be allowed.

Sigma Translations offers you everything necessary related to the preparation of the documents for the verification of your civil status before foreign states at a one-stop shop. Since 1999, we have been performing services for translation and legalization, initially for Varna, and later for the whole country and abroad. We can provide you with assistance also for the issuing of the so-called “multilingual birth certificate”.

You can contact our team if you have additional questions. We will consult you in detail also about the necessary documents that you should present to us when requesting translation and legalization.

Translation of a death certificate – fast and quality service

Often in our daily lives we have to present a translation of a death certificate of someone close or a relative before authorities in a foreign country. In such situations, a fast reaction and shortened time limits are necessary. The requirements for the translation are high, because it simultaneously has to be accurate, and to preserve the terminology and the specific form.

In addition to this, usually an express translation and legalization of a death certificate is required. Sigma Translations offers for you our over 20-year experience in the field of linguistic and legalization services. In order for the service to be performed with maximum speed, it is best to contact our office so we can consult you about which are the mandatory details of the document. In general, these are:

  • Information related to who issues the death certificate – the concrete region, municipality, public officer, etc:
  • Date, outgoing number and stamp;
  • Information about the deceased person – personal details, address, sex, family status;
  • Information about the time and place of death.

The translation of a death certificate should be performed by a sworn translator and on a letterhead of a translation agency. The translator must place their signature on the document, and the agency – a stamp certifying the official translation.

Translation of a civil status certificate by Sigma Translations

Translation of a civil status certificate means all documents related to the changes in the lives of citizens – birth, death, marriage. This includes a wide specter of documents, reports and certificates.

Regarding occurred events such as birth and death, the verification documents are respectively birth and death certificates. When it comes to family status, however, the options are way more numerous.

The most sought after service in this regard is the translation of a marriage certificate. This document may be required in a number of cases such as employment in a foreign country, applying to receive citizenship and others. In this aspect, there are two hypotheses – a marriage certificate issued in Bulgaria, or a document issued by a foreign country.

The translation of a divorce certificate requires precision because this is a court decision. Correspondingly, this document may be issued by a Bulgarian or by a foreign court. In the two cases, the procedures for its translation and legalization are different.

The translation of a certificate of absence of obstacles to marriage is a more rarely met service in our country, but sometimes the presenting of such a document is required. This is most often necessary when marrying a foreigner. In such a case, usually a form declaration is to be filled in. Sigma Translations has a rich experience with the translation and legalization of documents verifying civil status.

Translation of an address registration certificate: count on us

The translation of an address registration certificate is often required when you reside for an extended period of time in a foreign country or apply for work there. The address registration itself is done at the municipality/mayoralty where the corresponding settlement is located.

In order to be recognized by the foreign authorities, besides the translation of the address registration certificate (by a sworn translator), its legalization will also be required. The team of Sigma Translations will help you prepare your personal or company documents in more than 30 languages. With more than two decades of experience, we guarantee our clients quality, professionalism and strict adherence to deadlines.

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